Three JWTH Attorneys To Attend AUTM 2019 Meeting

Jenkins Wilson Taylor & Hunt has a long-standing relationship with AUTM, previously known as the “Association of University Technology Managers”. The meaningful work that AUTM members do transform lives every day. These are the people that turn ideas into opportunities, which result in new products for the betterment of humankind the world over, while driving millions of dollars of economic development.

On February 10th – 13th, Partners Matthew Browning, Leon R. Legleiter, Ph.D., and Arles A. Taylor, Jr. will attend the 2019 AUTM Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas.

autm 2019 meeting attendee  autm 2019 meeting attendee  autm 2019 meeting attendee

AUTM has in excess of 3,000 members globally, who work in more than 800 universities, research centers, hospitals, businesses, and governmental organizations.