Intellectual Property Law Firm in Research Triangle Park, NC

Established in 1984, Jenkins, Taylor & Hunt, P.A. is a specialized law practice devoted exclusively to providing intellectual property counseling and services to clients with respect to patent, trademark, and copyright law. We are located in the renowned Research Triangle area of North Carolina and offer patent representation to prominent corporations and research universities worldwide.

With a team of over 20 professionals and staff, the firm assists clients in recognizing, defining, and safeguarding intellectual property and acting to preserve that property for full commercial exploitation. Our clients represent a diversity of technologies, products, and services, including biotechnology products and processes, food processing equipment and products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, products and diagnostic equipment, electrical apparatus and circuitry, micro electrical-mechanical systems devices, semiconductors, fiber optics, robotics, mechanical and industrial apparatus and manufacturing equipment, automated mail processing apparatus, textile machinery and products, and computer software.

The firm engages in an extensive domestic and foreign practice serving U.S. and foreign clients in intellectual property matters. The client base is diverse and includes large corporations and research universities as well as small businesses. A primary objective of the firm is to provide high-quality patent legal services in a cost-efficient and expeditious manner.