Gov. Roy Cooper Proclaims “North Carolina Paralegal Day”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper proclaimed March 22nd as “North Carolina Paralegal Day”.  This is well-deserved recognition for all of the hard-working and dedicated paralegal professionals across the State.  As the saying goes, “behind every successful attorney, is a strong and effective paralegal”.  This is so true.

At JWTH, we are honored to have some of the finest intellectual property paralegals out there.  The level of skill and expertise they possess is amazing enough, but it is their level of dedication in supporting our attorneys and working to help clients achieve their goals and objectives, that puts them in a whole other class of professionals.  We work with clients all across the globe, so this is not always a 9-5 job.  The stakes are high and the pressure can be intense, but our paralegals work doggedly to help our attorneys to consistently put out high-quality work, day or night, weekday or weekend, whenever the need arises.  They take great pride in what they do and it shows.  Their high level of integrity and competence is inspiring and we are forever grateful for who they are and all that they do.  Our paralegals are a key ingredient in the success we enjoy as a Firm.

Today, and every day, we say “thank you” to all of the wonderful paralegals in North Carolina and beyond.