Dossier Access Launched for Global Dossier Initiative

On November 23, 2015, as part of the Global Dossier Initiative, the USPTO launched the Global Dossier Access — a  distinctly user-friendly online interface for patent applicants.

The Global Dossier aims to allow users to quickly and easily research IP protection globally by providing access to the dossiers of applications filed at the five participating offices:

  1. United States Patent & Trademark Office
  2. European Patent Office
  3. Japan Patent Office
  4. Korean Intellectual Property Office
  5. State Intellectual Property Office of China

This project was initially proposed in 2011, and we are hopeful regarding its benefits to innovation around the globe.

As with many of the beneficial changes coming from the USPTO, this initiative aims to be user-friendly for the public to use. To help further this, the USPTO has opened the floor to ideas and feedback regarding Dossier Access.